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Published On 8/10/2022
2022 Nominating Committee:
Daniel Fodera
Bob Damen
Tony Coy
Dan West
Jim Claffey
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Published On 8/1/2022
All members are encouraged to join us August 13th, 6:30-9:30pm to celebrate our Commodores and New Members. Click the event title for more details.
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Published On 7/27/2022
August 20, 2022, 1 PM
Registration is open online. Click event name for more details.
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Published On 7/22/2022
ASC is soliciting interest in the position of Treasurer on the Board of Governors in 2023. The Treasurer supervises the Bookkeeper and oversees the control of the Club’s money including: budgets, collections, disbursements, banking, taxes, accounting, reporting and recordkeeping. The Treasurer monitors the financial condition and financial policies of the Club and recommends actions to the Board. This position would best be filled by a member with accounting or financial management experience and a basic understanding of QuickBooks. Interested members are encouraged to contact Dan West at 515-710-5875.
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Published On 7/6/2022
Of course you do Check out the classified section
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Published On 11/2/2020
Congratulations to our 2020 Junior Champs:

Open Skiff- Hailey Bagnoni
Sunfish- Zeal Saballa
Laser- Alex Bagnoni

For all the scores:

What a beautiful day is turned out to be! We had perfect conditions for sailing with 18 juniors racing. Thank you to all the parents that worked hard to put on this wonderful event. Most importantly, thank you to Brett Gorrell for making a delicious dinner for all the families. We really appreciate you!!
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Published On 8/8/2020
Hello Fellow Members!

What a Summer we have had at our club! This has been a year of change but one thing has not changed and that is the camaraderie, relaxation, and beauty you will find at the lake. We have faced challenges due to the pandemic but, as a team, we have continued to problem solve and create, to the best of our ability, a safe place to escape the day-to-day grind.

Our Junior Sailing Camp was an amazing success this year. Over 90 juniors participated in our camp. Kim and her crew added COVID protocols in place that helped ease any worries parents may have had. Furthermore, they had juniors on the water SAILING! I am very proud of the entire Junior Camp staff for there dedication and flexibility this Summer.

The July 4 Moultrie Family BBQ and Family Day was a great event as always. Thank you to the Braggs and all the volunteers this year!

We have several events on the horizon and we have been discussing how to make those happen in a safe manner.
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Published On 3/4/2020
It was about 3:30 in the morning and the fire department was at the gate near my house. As we opened up the front door the fire fighter from Modoc told me there was a person in the water just off the club grounds. Nancy and I got dressed as fast as we could and as they made their way down to West Point Dock I questioned the firemen as to where the rescue boat was. He had no rescue boat. So, I said to him let’s go over to East point I have two boats in the water and we all go searching for the person in the water. He and I hopped in the skiff and the boat started right away thank goodness, so we headed out in a westerly direction off F dock and started searching for someone in the water, the problem was there was nobody in the water he was actually taking on water in his bass boat. Columbia County rescue was at Lake Springs by the volleyball courts, and they told us to start looking for a flashlight since he obviously had a phone and was in contact with them, so we started looking for
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Published On 11/21/2019
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Published On 11/12/2019
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Cruisers Corner

Published On 1/20/2021
Contact Brenda Renick for all cruising news!
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