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Full Moon Cruisers

On weekends near the full moon, and often other times as well, Augusta Sailing Club’s Full Moon Cruisers can be found all over the lake “on the hook”, with boats tied together swimming, kayaking, sharing food and friendships after a day of sailing. After a night of fun, more sailing is had as they head back down the lake to the Club.

ASC Full Moon Cruisers are easy to find, as they are active in other areas of the club, often serving as officers, racers and volunteers. Just ask around and you’ll find one close by. We’re also on Facebook, as a closed group “Augusta Sailing Club Full Moon Cruisers”, and all are welcome to join. You can also find us by simply hailing Full Moon Cruisers on VHF16 while on the lake.

Raft-ups, as they are called, may be to a small out-of-the-way cove or to a prime viewing location for an airshow, fireworks, or other lake event. We even cruise for food and fun, often attending dinner, live music and dancing at a restaurant and pavilion up the lake.

Come join us, and you’ll be hooked! See you soon.