Castleberry Robertson History
and comments on the Regatta

The Castleberry Robertson was a great success. It is a regatta that is 49 years old this year. The first two years it was won by Mr. William Harden in an A Scow that was called "The Syndicate". It was originally a wooden A boat but Mr. Harden had 5 feet wopped off each end to make it easier to sail. This regatta was named after Clem Castleberry, one time the second largest packer of cooked meats in the world. He donated the trophy, a solid sterling silver bowl and wood base that is quite magnificent. He co-named the trophy after Bill Robertson, his dearest friend and the club member who thought of having a giant club handicap event. There are two rules basically. It is a handicap regatta so that all members of the club can race against each other. Second, it is a dinghy regatta with no fixed keel boats.

The most prolific winner has been Jim Claffey with 9 wins, all in a Coronado 15. Bob Harkrider has 6 wins in a lightning. Ted Kelker won it 3 times in a lightning. Bill Tumlin (2 wins), Don Howard and Yates Villipigue won it in Y-Flyers 4 times between them. Mickey Smith (Cougar Cat) and Bob Hand (Hobie 16) won it in multihull catamarans. Our club's most revered sailboat racer of all time, Dr. Gilbert Klemann won it only one time after 20 tries.

This year there were 17 boats including 10 scows. 3 C-Scows and 7 MC's were in the field. Also remarkable was the fact that many of the participants were veterans of other classes trying out scows for the first time, which turned out to be the perfect boat for the day: winds at 8 to 15 all day, small waves and windward-leward courses. Jim Claffey stuck with his faithful Coronado 15, and was the only non scow boat in the Top 10, finishing in second place, respectively. John Lovin and Jim Farmer both sailed C Scows in borrowed boats. Ian Barber, Marcus Moehlman and Jim Cobb sailed MC's in their first race ever giving the boat a look. Guy Mossman came in for the day and sailed "Sparky" as a guest of the club. He beat Ed Durant in the last race of the day which made him very proud.

But the talk of the day was definitely the scoring. After two tries, it was finally done right, and alas, Ed Durant captured his first ever Castleberry Robertson victory. Before the results were rescored, Ed received considerable ribbing for never having won the coveted trophy. Now Ed can return that ribbing and then some. Unfortunately, the corrected results were not available until after the regatta, so Ed never had the opportunity to return the ribbing and make a proper acceptance speech. Huge kudos go out to Ed and Jeff for being such good sports about the scoring problems.

Jeff Annis once again came through for the club, putting in the time and effort to make this regatta the success that it was. MC sailor Rich Jeffries did the PRO work for the event. He did a great job with the help of 9 others. Thanks to everybody else who supported this event. This event helped to complete the "re-birthing" of the Castleberry Regatta. We had a good time, lots of racing, great winds and good sportsmanship throughout the day.

Al Britton,  — registration
Emma Rout,  — scoring and registration;
Jan LaFrance,  — RC Court Recorder
Mike Koneski,  — Committee Boat
Jim Paschall,  — Main Mark Mover;
Dick Dermody,  — Committee Boat
Hugh Ray,  — Committee Boat
Rick Sorensen & Pat VanHooser,  — Refreshment Boat
Tom Bell & Mr. Bell,  — on-land backup and emergency boat mechanics
Bill Reid (came to help and we put him to work sailing on a boat that needed crew)

Thanks to everybody. This event helped to complete the "re-birthing" of the Castleberry Regatta. We had a good time, lots of racing, great winds and good sportsmanship throughout the day.
Again:   There were 16 boats approximately racing in the event. In keeping with the tradition, it was a mixed bag of competitors.
3    C-Scows
7    MC Scows
1    Coronado 15
1    Lazer; 
1    Sunfish
1    Hobie 16
1    Windmill
1    Sonar [non Centerboard]

Great job all around!!